Company Profile

Kadence International Ltd.

Kadence International Ltd.

10 Valentine Place
SE1 8QH London
United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0)20/76 20 83 60
Fax: +44 (0)20/76 20 83 98


Stand number: 116

Company Profile
Kadence, an international research company with offices in the US, UK, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and China, works with some of the world's largest brands, providing global coverage at a local level.

Kadence Insight delivers ‘Insight Worth Sharing’ to clients across a wide range of business sectors, whilst Kadence Data Solutions highlights ‘The People Behind the Data’ to the leading global management consultancies needing to conduct primary research.

All of our clients value access to our leading-edge, web-based data capture systems (including CATI call centres in each location), centralized reporting (24/7), advanced analytics, ISO 9001 / ISO 20252 quality accredited processes, creative design-lead reporting and total peace of mind.
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