JTN Research

JTN Research

91, Alexander Malinov, floor 3
1715 Sofia

Tel.: +359 2 489 60 99
Fax: +359 2 489 60 95


Company Profile
JTN Research owns and actively manages online respondent panels in 21 countries in Scandinavia and the CEE region. We can survey the opinion of more than 670 000 members of our panels in Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia. Our consumer and B2B panels provide well-profiled sample that allows for flexible pre-targeting. JTN Research is also a trusted partner for a full scope of research services. From identifying the client needs, designing the questionnaire, locating and interviewing the exact targeted respondents, matching the project requirements to finally providing the client with comprehensive survey results analysis.
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