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Rascasse GmbH

Rascasse GmbH

Monbijouplatz 5
10178 Berlin

Tel.: 030 609 899 782


Stand number: 289

Company Profile
Leveraging big data from various digital sources, we offer next-generation market research services based on AI. Instead of asking few people what they think, we observe what a lot of people do. This allows us to calculate answers to some of the most pressing questions marketers face today, for example - Who is the best sponsoring partner for my company or my product? - How does my target group tick? - Where do I find my target group? - What is the best communication strategy? - Which markets offer the biggest potential? Another hint! AI also makes sense for your Human Resource Department. The target group of potential candidates can easily be analysed. You will learn about where to find your candidates, what interests them and how to approach them best. We do this in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner. Contact us to learn more!
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