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Flory street 9/2
00586 Warsaw

Tel.: +48 785 730 873


Stand number: 145-2

Company Profile
We are experts in emotions and non-conscious measures. We create and license business intelligence tools based on neuroscience, behavioral psychology and A.I. for EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT (XM) in market research, marketing, communication, sales, HR & organizational management. Our smart tools capture CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - how people FEEL, what they NEED, what they will DO/BUY. We capture a feedback free from conformity, post-conscious rationalization or wishful thinking thanks to application of proprietary, patented solutions and algorithms. Therefore we better predict human behavior. Our smart tools have been used by clients and partners worldwide for more than 20 years. We perfected the tools to maximize value of research while keeping it cost-effective, respondent-friendly, easy to integrate and understandable for decision-makers.
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