Company Profile

Equipe Research S.A.R.L

Equipe Research S.A.R.L

Immeuble Yala Yana Liberté VI 8674 Dakar
Extension Lot Nr
8674 Dakar

Tel.: +221/3 38 27 43 42
Fax: +221/3 38 27 56 00


Stand number: 243-4

Company Profile
Our experienced team, located in Senegal, will support you with all of your market research projects throughout Africa. We specialise in the organisation and implementation of quantitative and qualitative market research studies. Our quantitative infrastructure comprises of paper and pencil surveys, CATI studies and, through access to our pool of multi-media laptops, demanding focus studies using CAPI. We will arrange group discussions or IDIs according to your requirements and using our reliable partner network of experienced moderators. Seydina Diouf, managing director of Equipe Research, has a strong international background, after studying in Germany he went on to work in market research in Germany, France and various African countries.
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