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Interconnection Consulting

Interconnection Consulting

Getreidemarkt 1
1060 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 585 46 23 0
Fax: +43 1 585 46 23 30


Stand number: 270

Company Profile
As s full-service market research institute, our focus lies not only on international B2B market research, but we also offer innovative tools with high methodological competence for B2C markets. In addition to classic tools such as market analyses, pricing, image analyses and customer satisfaction, we also use a set of implicit methods, such as Eye Tracking, Emotion analyses, Reaction time based measurement and Neuromethods, in the field of brand perception, advertising effectiveness and campaign measurement. The core of our international focus are our offices in Vienna, Bratislava, Lemberg and Buenos Aires and a growing team of 50 employees from different nations.
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