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Global Survey

Global Survey

407 Empire Hub, Ghodasar Cross Road,
38005 Ahmedabad

Tel.: +91 7403220322


Stand number: 279

Company Profile
Global Survey helps Market Research Organizations to provide prompt and actionable insights to their customers, on the back our international quality Market Research services. As a new age innovator in the MR domain, we act as a unique bridge between market researchers who want to hear viewpoints and online respondents who want to voice their views. Every research activity and project delivery is aimed at enhancing the value of the research process and delivering actionable insights to our clients. Our ability to align the best respondents sample with a given Market Research project is a hallmark of our Panel services. We have grown our proprietary panel size to million+ panel members across 35+ countries, ever since we started off in 2008. We have also grown our capabilities to provide incredible value in an end to end Market Research.
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