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4 avenue des saules
59000 LILLE

Tel.: 0359610717


Stand number: 233

Company Profile
Critizr helps retailers improve the customer experience they deliver, based on feedback collected from every channel. We have rolled out our Customer Experience Management platform to 30,000 establishments (stores, beautysalons, garages, bank branches, travel agencies, and more) spanning 20 different industries. This platform allows our clients to analyse their strengths and areas for improvement, optimise their online-reputation, and start a conversation to personalise the customer relationship - all at the local level. For users of the Critizr solution, it becomes part of their routine: 48% log on to the platform more than 3 days a week. Critizr aims to strengthen the link between headquarters and local teams by getting all the company’s employees involved in and committed to listening to customers and gauging their satisfaction.
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