Company Profile

Op4G Inc.

Op4G Inc.

93 Middle Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
03801 4382
United States

Tel.: 603.766.5858


Stand number: 272

Company Profile
Op4G nurtures and maintains a quality, engaged membership panel built to support our market research clients and to benefit non-profit organizations. Op4G’s unique approach to recruiting yields a highly engaged group of quality people who, as respondents, are dedicated to helping market research clients fulfill information needs. Panel member trust is key to quality data. Each element of Op4G is designed to fiercely protect our members’ privacy. Every activity is opt-in, every survey participant is anonymous, and every member is in full control of their secure information. Op4G uses proprietary technology to provide programming, hosting, and sample recruitment to suit your research needs. Op4G is headquartered in the United States and operates globally.
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