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20 Ropemaker Street

Tel.: +44 20 7837 7270


Stand number: 246-8

Company Profile
Behavioural Recruitment - Fresh research participants matched from 2 billion people Get authentic consumer insights by finding the best research participants based on real behaviour. Behavioural Recruitment is a radically different approach powered by live social data on 2 billion people in 190 countries. Fresh participants: We don’t have a database, we find people new to research for every project. Greater reach: Access 100X more people than the biggest global panels. Truly representative: Potential participants are approached based on demonstrated, not claimed, behaviour before going through a thorough screening process. More data: Participants are keen to talk about subjects they’re genuinely interested in and give 47% more data than traditional recruits based on analysis of 35 million words on Liveminds online qual platform.
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