Company Profile

DoWell Research GmbH

DoWell Research GmbH

Westerbachstrasse 110
65936 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 176 43452612


Stand number: 246-4

Company Profile
DoWell is providing exclusive user experience research information from the field to support user-centered product design of medium and large companies around the world. We do.. • User Experience Research • Open Innovation • Innovation Consulting We are based in London, Frankfurt, Singapore and have field teams in Asia and Africa. Our services will help you to target specific markets and reduce infrastructure costs to gather information about these markets.We provide qualitative and quantitative studies in the following sectors: • Agriculture • Automotive • Finance • FMCG • Healthcare • Lifestyle • Smart devices We specialise in Co-creation workshops, Cognitive walkthrough, Depth interviews, Ethnographic studies, Focus group discussions, Shop along, Customer journeys and Storytelling. DoWell Research: your partner for open innovation…
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