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rue de la science 14
1000 Brussels
Belgium - France - UK

Tel.: +32 473 474 114


Stand number: 117-2

Company Profile
HACKING THE PURCHASE DECISION - BEYOND THE LIMITS OF TRADITION RESEARCH. In its first year on the market BEYOND REASON is boosting sales of some of the worlds’ biggest brands Volkswagen, M.A.C Cosmetics, EDF leader in energy, Prince biscuits, TUI Travel, LAYS chips & Comcast -the American media giant, by using neuroscience. Scientists agree that the decisions we take are controlled by unconscious brain processes, and that the role of conscious thinking is fairly limited. Their model goes beyond the limits of traditional research & breaks into the deepest layers of the consumer’s mind to reveal with unprecedented precision how the brain evaluates brands, what motivates and demotivates decisions, and how to influence purchases, perceived value, preferences and loyalty. Use the model to increase marketing efficiency
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