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rue de la science 14
1000 Brussels
Belgium - France - UK

Tel.: +32 473 474 114


Stand number: 118

Company Profile
Neuroscience, behavioural economics and evolutionary psychology provide fresh insights on the processes that shape purchase decisions. These scientific innovations have proved to increase marketing performances. THE PROBLEM Lack of knowledge & the absence of methods, often cause commercial organisations to continue to study consumer behaviour with outdated methods. THE SOLUTION To hack the purchase process BEYOND REASON uses a scientific model to measure the implicit motivations which drive customer behaviour. THE BENEFITS Increased capacity to influence purchase decisions boosts sales figures Increased overall ROI on marketing initiatives Considerable rises in brand relevance, preference & loyalty Competitive advantage CLIENTS Estee Lauder, Volkswagen, Mondelez, Brussels Airport, Lactalis, Unilever, Schweppes, Pepsico
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