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Lobeckstraße 30-35
10969 Berlin

Tel.: 01703862298


Stand number: 147

Company Profile
Dalia helps research agencies, brands, consultancies, academia, public institutions and other organisations better understand consumer, market and public opinion trends. Harnessing the app economy and combining advanced data science with real-time targeting and attribution technologies, Dalia’s insights engine distributes millions of micro surveys worldwide. With a keen eye on future trends in the insights industry, Dalia is dedicated to improving research quality and precision through cutting edge statistical methodologies. Dalia was named as IIeX’s “most innovative market research startup in Europe” in 2015, Planung & Analyse’s “Newcomer of the Year” in 2016, and the “6th fastest growing startup in Germany” for Gründerszene’s 2017 Growth Ranking.
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