Company Profile

LOGO Market Research & Consulting Ltd

LOGO Market Research & Consulting Ltd

3 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.
Floor 1
1527 Sofia

Tel.: +35924529011


Stand number: 262

Company Profile
LOGO Market Research & Consulting provides competent advice to end clients and data collection, scripting and reporting solutions to research partners across and beyond Europe. Visit our stand to discuss: - Your full service market research needs in Price-, Portfolio- Optimization (with Lighthouse/Sawtooth Conjoint software), Product Development, Branding & Communication, Shopper and Customer Experience; - How to combine Implicit and Explicit methods to help you choose the optimal direction for growing your business; - Your needs for professional support in Fieldwork (face-to-face, online, CATI with operators experienced with both general and specific audiences, incl. Healthcare), Scripting and Processing. Add security and pleasure to your routine by sharing the tricky questions of your business!
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