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viale Romagna, 69
Zona Ind.le Nord
06012 Città di Castello (PG)

Tel.: +39 075 851 14 73
Fax: +39 0758512889


Stand number: 119

Company Profile
IdSurvey SURVEY SOFTWARE is the all-in-one data collection tool software for TELEPHONE, WEB and FACE-TO-FACE surveys. Designed by IdWeb s.r.l. The survey platform is native web based from 2002 and works with all browsers. One main Administration interface manages telephone, web, face-to-face or mixed mode surveys in one place exporting raw data in 6 formats including SPSS, Excel and CSV. The software is available in English, Spanish, German, Russian and Italian. Support in English, Italian and Spanish. - Free CAPI offline app - Optional dialer software integrated with CATI - Flexible licenses - Free Admin interface - Free Cloud hosting. Our support team is always at your side and our R&D team is ready to transform your requests in new features. Come meet us!
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