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Séissmo - Markt und Forschung Inhaber Dagneaud

Séissmo - Markt und Forschung Inhaber Dagneaud

G 7, 34
68159 Mannheim

Tel.: +49621762123-0


Stand number: 210

Company Profile
Séissmo specializes in conducting qualitative market research.
In search of answers to the question of the “why” behind, we go beyond and above asking people questions.

We have a repertoire of projective and creative methods to limit research bias and increase the validity of results.
We listen more: Séissmo uses the Cognitive Interview technique (commonly used in forensics) to retrieve accurate and thorough information.
We observe more: Séissmo looks at crucial moments: at work, in the kitchen, at the POS...
We even find answers nobody else can provide: Products and shelves talk with us. Semiotics is the way to decode their signals.

Séissmo: From innovation to shopper research. Worldwide.

Our English, French and German speaking researchers will welcome your visit.
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