Company Profile

Strategir GmbH

Strategir GmbH

Tullastr. 11
68161 Mannheim

Tel.: +49 621 32 89 943 30


Stand number: 203-1

Company Profile
Strategir is an international full-service institute. We help you understand the whole consumer decision making process from insight to action for innovation, product, pack and shopper objectives. Context counts. Use it to unlock consumer truth as it strongly influences our decisions and feelings. Strategir uses Virtual Reality and other digital tools to get as close as possible to a realistic shopping and/or consumption situation. Furthermore, Strategirs own sales volume forecasting model “Market Shaker®” uses artificial intelligence to simulate purchase decisions of up to 2 Million virtual consumers. Micro Modelling and AI help to get a better understanding of how innovations fit in with the purchase behaviour of individuals.
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