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Infraquest GmbH mit der Marke actando

Infraquest GmbH mit der Marke actando

Landsberger Str. 336
80687 München

Tel.: +49 89 2648324 45
Fax: +49 89 2126 5353

Internet: und

Company Profile
Infraquest GmbH is an independent provider for market research services. Our staff of 30 employed researchers work on a wide range of projects in market and marketing research, as well as social research. We closely work together with national and international market research agencies and consulting companies. Infraquest especially offers graduates of different disciplines chances to step into the field of market research. Mainly we work on market research subtasks, according to the needs and in close cooperation with the clients. We also conduct smaller studies on our own. Our services range from questionnaire development to data research, data analysis, chart automation, accuracy and plausability checking of data, quality assurance, generating reports in different languages etc.
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