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Q&Q Research Insights, India

Q&Q Research Insights, India

Plot -138, Ground Floor, Sector -28
Sector -28 , Vashi
400705 Navi Mumbai

Tel.: 91 9820404442


Stand number: 254

Company Profile
Q&Q Research Insights is a full-service research agency in India. Over the past 13 years, we have enabled customers in varied market segments to capture unique insights from end-users, place their products uniquely against competition, get their product pricing right and have an in-depth understanding of performance of their products.

Having expertise in Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies and multiple research / field offices across the country, Q&Q has been able to operate pan-India efficiently.The field services division which started in 2012, supplies standalone fieldwork services to some of the largest international agencies who do not have a strong field presence in India. Being the sole India representative to the IRIS Network, we have partnership model with 30+ agencies to conduct research and field work across the world.
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