Company Profile

Estudio Silvia Roca

Estudio Silvia Roca

Eric Granados, 86-88
08000 Barcelona

Tel.: +34934515310


Stand number: 226 / 147

Company Profile
Estudio Silvia Roca, Fieldwork Specialists. Since 1989 facing challenging Market Research projects in Spain and Latin American markets, coordinating and fielding projects in various sectors (B2B, B2C & Healthcare) and methodologies (Qual & Quant, Online and Offline). A true testament of ESR´s expertise is that we are still an independent company with the same passion for the industry, data, insights and interpersonal relations that we had from day 1. Quoting some of Silvia's words: 'Recruitment is an art form, it is fundamental in order to obtain quality and reliable results for the fieldwork to be perfect. It is not about passing screeners, but creating a bond of seriousness, empathy and personal complicity to create the illusion that their participation is very important, as it is'. We field passion in passionate countries. Come see us at booth #226 &147.
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