intelliGO_in2real Srl

intelliGO_in2real Srl

Via Guido Cavalcanti, 5
20127 Milano

Tel.: +39 (0)2 450.710.14


Stand number: 125

Company Profile
We do Market Research: the brands’ customer is our focus, his attitudes and behavior, its social context and the influence of his personal values in decision-making about what, how and why to buy. Our marketing research approach is a continuum fluid process of test and feedback that provide to our clients a clear view of their market and customers. We are skilled to propose the most efficient sample design, motivated and involved to reach the targeted customer and to ensure the interviews of the highest quality standard. We are expert in managing field activity in marketing research. At intelliGO we use the most appropriate tools to gather information from your target market. We are small and innovative, for us connecting knowledge is not only a claim, is something essential to be on the market, to work proudly, having fun also at work!
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