Company Profile

Innoplexia GmbH

Innoplexia GmbH

Speyerer Str. 4
69115 Heidelberg

Tel.: 06221/7 19 80-33


Stand number: 257

Company Profile
Innoplexia GmbH stands for market research 2.0: In a daily manner, all relevant information from online platforms, such as search engines or comparison portals, are collected and stored automatically. Based on cutting-edge AI-methods, Innoplexia purifies the collected (big) data into valuable market insights.
The variety of sources allows a 360°-deep dive into the online market: Evaluation of companies’ e-visibility, analysis of the competitors’ online-strategy as well as the detection of upcoming trends concerning customers’ demands.
Due to the smart data collection machanisms, Innoplexia customers can detect regional and device-specific characteristics of the web-market. All insights can be accessed either via data delivery, management reports or web dashboard.
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