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Borderless Access

Borderless Access

Embassy Tech Village, Building 2B,Tower 3, 7th Floor,
Sarjapura Outer Ring Road,Devarabeesanahalli,
560 103 Bangalore

Tel.: +91 804 931 3800


Stand number: 263

Company Profile
Borderless Access is a digital MR product and solutions company. It provides access to experiences and life moments of engaged consumers, driven by Technology & Community Analytics, to its global clientele of MR firms, Ad Agencies, Consultancy firms, and End Enterprises who need responsive, high quality, valuable insights of hard-to-reach audiences (Consumers, B2B & Specialist Audiences, including Healthcare) in all the World’s growing and developed economies, with its 3.71 million proprietary panelists in 34 countries, conducting over 3.9 million surveys annually. Its’ focus on innovation extends to providing market research products & solutions, such as SmartSight, HealthSight, and TAPP. Borderless Access is an ISO 27001:2013 certified, award-winning, GPTW, and a GDPR compliant company. Know more –
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