Company Profile

Course5 Intelligence

Course5 Intelligence

2509 152nd Ave NE, Bldg 16, Ste. E
98052 Redmond, WA

Tel.: 602.703.1038


Stand number: 261

Company Profile
Course5 Intelligence enables organizations to make the most effective strategic and tactical moves relating to their customers, markets, and competition. We drive digital transformation through analytics, insights, and Artificial Intelligence, enabling our clients to reshape their businesses and experience higher top line and bottom line results with improved customer satisfaction and business agility. Course5 Intelligence creates value for businesses through synthesis of a variety of data and information sources in a 360-degree approach, solution toolkits and frameworks for specific business questions, deep industry and domain expertise, Digital Suite and Research AI to accelerate solutions, application of AI and next-generation technologies for cognitive automation and enhanced knowledge discovery, and a focus on actionable insight.

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