Company Profile

MarketSense LLC

MarketSense LLC

Tverskaya Street, 24, entrance 3
floor 4
125009 Moscow

Tel.: +7 499 579 31 61


Stand number: 220

Company Profile
MarketSense is a full-service research house established in 2004. We offer qualitative, quantitative and B2B services and implement fieldwork of any complexity in Russia and neighboring countries. We specialize in cross-cultural studies and methodological consultancy. Our clients are multinational companies and research agencies all around the world.
Our points of differentiation:
- Proprietary creative tools: provocative interview, creativity funnel
- MarketStream: our own online community platform
- GRaSS: monitoring social trends and sustainability
- Expertise in working with difficult-to-reach targets and industry leaders.
MarketSense is a member of ESOMAR, QUALIS International and Russia’s OIROM association, FocusVision partner. Our agency was the first in Russia to get the quality certificate from OIROM.
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