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SVP Deutschland AG

SVP Deutschland AG

Vangerowstraße 18
69115 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 62 21 - 914 00 0
Fax: +49 62 21 - 914 00 11


Stand number: 105

Company Profile
SVP is your Market Intelligence Service that digs deeper; by analyzing and identifying your knowledge needs on markets, companies and products, to enable you achieve higher goals. To mention some of our services, we are specialized on market and competitive intelligence, product intelligence, supplier research and trend analysis; last but not the least, we also support foreign companies with entry strategies for DACH countries. For information research and analysis, our experts rely on their many years of experience in performing secondary market research (desk research) and in conducting interviews with industry professionals. For international inquiries, SVP makes use of its local research partners in over 50 countries. Irrespective of your current needs, whether for small or large projects; SVP accompanies you to your future.
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