cognesys gmbh

cognesys gmbh

Theaterstra├če 90
52062 Aachen

Tel.: +49 (0)241 / 40 10 20 8 - 10
Fax: +49 (0)241 / 40 10 20 8 - 20


Stand number: 273

Company Profile
- We comprehend what your customers express. -

cognesys' patented semantic technology comprehends written content.

The semantic cognesys-engine can evaluate freely formulated answers in customer surveys, e-mails, text messages, blogs, tweets and comments from social networks automatically and in "human-like" quality.

High-quality data, such as the thematic drivers for NPS and other KPI's for customer satisfaction, can be generated from unstructured sources.

Concerning social media monitoring, the semantic cognesys-engine not only determines the "general sentiment" as usual, but also a specific "thematic sentiment" for any given search keyword.

The cognesys technology facilitates perfect customer service. The immediate evaluation of emotions and opinions enables a prompt, purposeful response.
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