Company Profile

Issues & Answers Network, Inc.

Issues & Answers Network, Inc.

5151 Bonney Road, Suite 100
23462-4384 Virginia Beach, VA

Tel.: +1 (0)757-456-1100


Stand number: 277

Company Profile
Issues & Answers Network, Inc. :

• US Based Call Centers with Remote Monitoring
• Multi-Lingual Call Center in Glasgow (B2B)
• Inbound Toll-Free Lines for B2B Projects
• Call Recording
• Hosting & Programming – CATI / CAPI / Online
• Cell Inclusive Sampling for Optimum Precision
• Web Studies
• Unique Qualitative & Quantitative Methodologies
• 45+ Languages in One Call Center
• 5 On-Staff Moderators

Reliable, Cost-Efficient Research Partner in the U.S., Canada and Worldwide
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