Company Profile



15060 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 125
91403 Sherman Oaks, CA

Tel.: (818) 988-5411
Fax: (818) 988-4057


Stand number: 259

Company Profile
Q-insights is best known for their qualitative research, although it’s only a portion of what they do. They take on the low incidence, high touchpoint, multi-step projects that most agencies shy away from. Q-insights expertly coordinates national fieldwork coverage. They specialize in sourcing unique spaces and have two facilities in Los Angeles, CA (Sherman Oaks and Marina del Rey). After distinguishing themselves in the automotive research space, Q-insights launched their automotive division — Driven by Q-insights™ in 2018. What makes Q-insights’ automotive research different is their ability to recruit a wide spectrum of owners from basic entry-level vehicles up to exotic and high-performance sports and luxury vehicles.
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