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15060 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 125
91403 Sherman Oaks, CA

Tel.: (818) 988-5411
Fax: (818) 988-4057


Stand number: 259

Company Profile
With an outstanding passion for quality research, Q.I. is committed to providing the best facility and services. When you combine our philosophy of "thinking outside the box" and our strong business ethics, there is no project that we can't handle with extreme confidence and determination. Reminding ourselves daily of our commitment to our clients and the marketing research industry is the driving force at Q.I. and validates our reputation as one of the most unique research facilities around. Q-insights, a division of ISA (Interviewing Service of America), provides national focus group recruiting/coordination and field management for qualitative data collection and clinics. Q-insights' unique quantitative approach utilizes creative approaches to interview hard to reach targets utilizing the most up to date technological resources.
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