Company Profile

BOMI Marketing Research

BOMI Marketing Research

No. 360, Chang Shou Road
Room 2701, City155
200060 Shanghai

Tel.: +86-021-80129899


Stand number: 248

Company Profile
BOMI Research is an independent research firm focusing on data collection business for international research partners. With our project managers, who also own many years of researcher experience, BOMI not only provides fresh and reliable raw data, but also add-value service in terms of local market insights, methodology adaptation and data interpretation. Owning its in-house fieldwork, EDP/Programing and moderator team, BOMI provides full range of data collection service in both qualitative and quantitative studies, both offline and online. BOMI project team has successfully worked for international research agency clients in the last 12 years and built up long-term relations with many of them. BOMI is now capable of data collection in almost all regular industries, but specifically strong in automotive and healthcare.
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