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Provalis Research

Provalis Research

1255 Robert Bourassa St
Suite #1604
H3B 3X3 Montreal, QC.

Tel.: +1 (514) 899 1672
Fax: +1 (514) 899 1750


Stand number: 206

Company Profile
Provalis Research is the developer of one of the most comprehensive and innovative text analytics software solutions on the market today. Their software helps researchers quickly find meaningful insights from text data such as open ended responses of surveys, social media or interviews. Researchers can easily and automatically extract the most salient topics, explore relationship among words or concepts and develop and optimize automatic document classification models. Users can also perform a precise measurement of concepts (ie: positive and negative comments) using existing categorization dictionaries or new ones. Computer assisted manual coding of text data is also available. Researchers can also integrate textual and numerical data into their project and seamlessly move back and forth between qualitative and quantitative data.
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