VMÖ – Verband der Marktforscher Österreichs

VMÖ – Verband der Marktforscher Österreichs

Postfach 71
1013 Wien

Tel.: +43 (0)699/10 23 07 64


Stand number: 242

Company Profile
The Verband der Marktforscher Österreichs (VMÖ) is a voluntary and independent representation of the market research industry in Austria, with around 300 members. In this function, it is our duty to safeguard the scientific market, opinion and social research as well as to promote trust and reputation of market research to the public.

This year you will meet some of our market research institutes at our stand (in alphabetical order):
- IFQM - Institut für qualitative Marktforschung
- Karmasin Behavioural Insights
- Telemark Marketing Gebhard Zuber GmbH
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