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Statista GmbH

Statista GmbH

Johannes-Brahms-Platz 1
20355 Hamburg

Tel.: (040) 284 841 0
Fax: (040) 284 841 999


Stand number: 132

Company Profile
Statista, one of the leading statistic portals worldwide, has over 1,000,000 registered users and around 4 million unique visitors monthly under Aggregated from over 18,000 renowned sources, results of the latest market research provide you with direct access to statistics on over 80,000 topics that are comfortably presented as PPT, Excel, PNG or PDF for direct download. Furthermore, 20,000 included studies and the source database offer you an easy starting point when it comes to researching your topic in more detail. Within the scope of the Digital Market Outlook, eight different markets are forecasted for the following five years including sociodemographic user groups and relevant market indicators. Statista Research and Analysis is a service for business clients.
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