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Random Dynamic Resources Ltd

Random Dynamic Resources Ltd

50A Ire-akari Estate Road
00234 Lagos

Tel.: +234 1 2952907
Fax: +234 803 325 5099


Stand number: 249

Company Profile
We welcome you to Research and Result 2019 here in Munich, Germany. Random Dynamic Resources is a one-stop fieldwork company for Africa. We develop field research tools that enhance productivity and optimize market research values via the use of up to date consumer-oriented technology, in-built strict quality control measures. Our vision is to be the leader in field research, and operation management, in Africa, through unparalleled and timely Service delivery, Honesty and development of people. Our mission is to provide high quality data for superior decision making for our clients to succeed. We have been providing high quality data collection services for various government, International Development Agencies, international research agencies, companies and organizations within and outside the Sub Sahara African Market.
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