Innovation Area 2017

Revolutionary technology, new methods, deeper insights — what are the top innovations in market research?

Innovativeness is essential, also for the market research industry, and the term innovation doesn't necessarily have to mean only new technologies and automated tools. There is good reason why gaining insights with concepts like behavioral economics and implied methods can be found among the top 3 innovation elements in related studies.

Innovation Area program 2017

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Top-Innovationen der Marktforschung

And innovation also plays a key role at the Research & Results.

That is why we were providing the Innovation Area for the first time in 2017: In an open forum in Hall 2, selected exhibitors presented the industry's innovative highlights in 30 brief slots.

Chat bots, virtual reality, Bluetooth signals upon first contact with advertising, voice tools for analyzing the mood of test persons, neuromarketing, recording intuitive assessments, culture and environment-dependent measuring of emotions, social listening with the aid of NLP – these are just a handful of the topics.