Workshops and Presentations

Workshop mit 45 Minuten Dauer

45 minutes long

Ideal for complex topics or case examples together with companies. Seminar room for at least 80 people.

Workshop mit 30 Minuten Dauer

30 minutes long

Our new format for compact and intensive knowledge transfer. Seminar room for at least 80 people.

Innovation Area auf der Research & Results 2019

15 minutes long

Established since 2017 – with growing success. An open forum for innovative concepts.


All show visitors are free to attend workshops – as long as there are seats still available. However the workshop organiser can reserve up to 20 seats in the first two rows for personally invited people. the show organiser provides "reserved" signs and invitations for free. the workshop programme is communicated to a broad audience in advance in the show‘s advertising.

Organisation and booking

There are seminar rooms available at the show, in which workshops are held continuously. Exhibitors can book workshops for a fee when registering their exhibit. Exhibitors are responsible for the content of their own workshops.

Proposed topics must be submitted to the show organiser by 28 June, 2019.

The basic idea behind a workshop is to present a research topic and the related products that the presenting company has to offer. If more than one company proposes identical or similar topics, the first submission received will be selected. the event organiser reserves the right to reject unsuitable topics. Each exhibitor can book one workshop. The total number of possible workshops is limited. With a stand size of 15 m² or more, an exhibitor may request up to three workshops**.

What you get

  • Seminar room with conference seating for at least 80 people
  • Optional: seat reservations for up to 20 people with signs on chairs and invitation cards
  • Presentation duration: 45 or 30 minutes
  • All presentation technology and technical support
  • Signs at the entrance
  • Description of the workshop on the notice boards in the show foyer, in the show catalogue, in the brochures (visitor advertising) and on the show website
  • Reception and electronic registration of the participants by a hostess
  • Optional: information and link in the workshop follow-up mailing
  • Workshop holders can request a list of the people who attended their workshop after the show (without e-mail addresses). Prerequisite to this under the latest GdPR is a company registered in Europe or in a safe country outside Europe, or a special agreement with the event organiser.


Workshop45 EUR 1,750
Workshop30 EUR 1,420


The open form of the area animates visitors to the show to stop and listen, thus giving them a spontaneous, concise overview of the innovations taking place in the industry. The freedom of movement for visitors makes an effective and attractive presentation all the more important.

Organisation and booking

15 minutes are set aside for each presentation, with just 5 minutes between presentations.

The closing date for submitting presentation topics is 12 July, 2019.

The submitted concepts must meet the following criteria:

  • New, in the sense of a maximum of two years on the market
  • New product, new method, new applications or at least a major efficiency improvement
  • Never presented before in the Innovation Area
  • Clearly recognizable customer benefit

The event organiser reserves the right to reject unsuitable topics. The number of presentation slots is limited. Each exhibitor may fill one slot**. Due to the large number of presentations, an overlap with the exhibitor‘s workshop time slots cannot be ruled out.

What you get

  • An open forum with space for at least 50 people
  • Presentation length: 15 minutes
  • All presentation technology and technical support
  • Signs in the exhibition hall
  • Advertising of the innovation Area concept in all promotion measures prior to the show
  • Publication of the innovation Area programme approx. three weeks before the start of the show on the show‘s website, in the research & results Maga- zine, in the show catalogue and of course in the halls and foyer during the show itself


For exhibitors: EUR 540


Present your company as an employer for the future

What you get

  • 10 minutes of presentation time on the second afternoon of the show in the Innovation Area, with use of the presentation technology there
  • The event organiser informs students about the recruiting afternoon
  • More announcements to all visitors are made in the show catalogue, on the show website, in the foyer and around the show itself


EUR 350

* All prices subject to 19% VAT.
** Subject to availability upon registration. Can be extended if there is free workshop capacity after the registration deadline on 31 May, 2019.

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