Dear exhibitor at "Research & Results 2020",

We have become aware that some exhibitors have been asked to compare, correct and complete their company details in an attached form. In these letters it is claimed that this is necessary in order to update the existing data of the exhibitors list so as to ensure that your company can be easily contacted.

Please do not comply with this request. This is a dubious offer!

We hereby expressly make clear that we are in no contractual relationship with providers such as EXPO GUIDE S.C.; MULPOR COMPANY S.A; CONSTRUCT DATA; Event Fair. We have neither authorized nor arranged in any other form that these companies approach our exhibitors to update the data of an exhibitors list.

If you respond to the request by e.g. “Expo-Guide“, you will be entering into a contract with Expo-Guide (based in Mexico!) for the publication of your company details. This contract will result in annual costs (Euro) into the four-figure range.

If you have already signed such a form and thus entered into a contract, we highly recommend that you mount a legal challenge over fraudulent misrepresentation. Please contact a lawyer for this.

Please feel free to contact us in case you receive such a dubious offer.

Furthermore, our exhibitors receive emails from companies offering attendee lists of the Research & Results trade show. Please be assured that we are not in contact with the senders of these emails and that the lists offered were never communicated by us to anybody not authorized. We assume that these are fraudulent offers and, therefore, recommend not to get in touch with the senders of such emails. 

The Organiser
Reitmeier Input Management Services GmbH 
Haldenbergerstraße 28 
80997 Munich 

Munich/Waiblingen, January 2020

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