How to become an exhibitor – step by step

1. step


Telephone: +49 7151-27 08 89
Fax: +49 7151-27 08 90

Registration Form
2. Step

Plan your stand

Back and side walls (height: 2.50m) are obligatory.

Stand Configurator
3. Step

Rent a carpet and furniture  

Our partners MEPLAN GmbH offer systems and furniture to rent:
Telephone +49 89/94 92 49-80

Order additional items
4. Step

Order power supply

Please make sure that you have ordered electrical main connection:

Order power supply now
Order additional electrical appliances
5. Step

Order water and sanitary connection

For further assistance please contact MOC Veranstaltungscenter (

Order water and sanitary connection
6. Step

Order telephone and internet

For further assistance please contact MOC Veranstaltungscenter directly (

Order telephone and internet

7. Step

Book stand cleaning

Booking deadline: in written form 10 days prior to the event

Book stand cleaning
8. Step

Book stand security

Security services for your stand and equipment are offered by VD Mayr..

Book stand security
9. Step

Order catering services

Catering services are offered by Hoffmann Catering.

Book catering
10. Step

Order long term parking permit

10.00 EUR (+ VAT) will be charged per day.

Long term parking permit

 For detailed information please download:  Exhibitor Service Booklet 2019
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