These are the facts!

There are plenty of good reasons to exhibit at the show - above all the figures from the last show.  

With more than 3,400 participants, Research & Results is the biggest market research trade show in the world. It receives top marks from the visitors year after year. Here, you will encounter a unique share of direct clients, a strong segment of market research service providers and, overall, highly motivated visitors who are authorized to make decisions.

Potential clients

You meet your clients here 

Most of the participants come from companies (corporate researchers) or agencies.

Exklusive Clients

Exclusive Clients

68 % of the participants only show up at Research & Results and at no other research or insights show. 

Talk to decision makers

Participants are decision-makers 

A high percentage of the participants of Research & Results are decisions-makers..

Looking for innovations

They are curious about your innovations

Most of the people visiting the show are looking for new topics, trends and methods. 


The share of end-clients is rising

At Research & Results you meet your relevant target group. The share of corporate researchers and clients is on the rise. Moreover participants are open to co-operations b2b.

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