Market Research Publications

Research & Results Magazin edition No. 2/2020

Magazine  (in German)

Research & Results is a leading magazine for market research with seven issues per year. It contains e.g. research articles, industry and people news, events and an omnibus directory. Readers are primarily decision makers in market research, marketing, media planning and media research.

Special International Research 2019

Special International Research

The Special International Research is combined with the edition No. 5 of the Research & Results magazine. It contains fascinating articles of market experts from around the world.
Read also what´s new and hot at the Research & Results 2019, the leading international trade show for research, data and insights.

StudioGuide Research & Results


The Research & Results StudioGuide is a unique and copiously illustrated directory of test studios. In their comprehensive company descriptions, more than 70 test studios in Germany and abroad provide an insight into their facilities and range of services. There is also a carefully researched directory of the addresses of about 110 studios in Germany.


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