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Superbanner 984x90 Pixel
Panoramabanner 984x200 Pixel

Fullsize Banner 468x60 Pixel
Skyscraper 120x600 Pixel
Layer Ad 550x450 Pixel
Halfsize-Banner 234x60 Pixel

Wide Skyscraper 160x600 Pixel
Hockeystick 1
(Superbanner + Skyscraper)
optional: + Wallpaper

Hockeystick 2
(Superbanner + Wide Skyscraper)
optional: + Wallpaper
Panorama-Banner + Wallpaper
Panorama-Banner + Skyscraper
bzw. Wide Skyscraper
Technical requirements:

The following file formats for advertisingbanners are supported:
The file size of a single banner should not exceed 150 kB.
.jpg = static image
.png = static image
.gif = animated or static image
.swf = animated Flash, the target link has to be pre-embedded in the Flash
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