A wide, and sometimes complex, range of software and IT services for market research is available and it is not always easy to find the right solution. The Research & Results IT-Guide helps you to present your solutions in a clear and understandable manner to the decision makers in institutes and industry - for an entire year.


The Research & Results IT-Guide is a separate publication similar to a magazine. The layout concept of the IT-Guide has been fine tuned to the requirements of the IT sector. The necessary amount of standardization makes it easy for the user to find their way around (company profile, clientele, contact info are always in the same place). The generous space reserved for your products and services allows for a meaningful presentation including screenshots and other images. Categories and tables of contents help the user find everything quickly.

The IT-Guide can be used to present software, hardware and IT services in the following categories (several categories per company are possible):

  • Sampling: Construction, recruiting and management of panels, subject pools or ad hoc samples for online, phone or face-to-face surveys, etc.
  • Data collection: Standardized surveys mobile/CATI/CAWI/CAPI/mixed mode; focus groups; diary studies; eye tracking; usability, etc.
  • Data analysis: Coding; capture; tabulation; counting; statistical models such as conjoint; presentations; charts; etc.
  • Hardware: Eye tracking equipment; technical equipment for data collection, etc.
  • Other: e.g. project planning and control; translations; video streaming; selection and shopping aids for panel users (Panelbooks); software data packages for retail panels, geo or media data; business organization
  • Services: Hosting, hardware rentals; consulting; custom developments and customization; etc.


In the online version of the IT-Guide at your software will be found anywhere at any time. Of course, your online presence includes all the images and text material of the print edition.

Hands-on free-text search capabilities
 as well as pre-defined search categories ensure the highest level of searchability.

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